Why Us

Why Buy Soil From Us?

Tell us what type of soil you need and how much soil you need. We are committed to providing quality soil. Customer satisfaction is our goal. PureMati.com has been supplying soil to different regions of Bangladesh including Dhaka for many years. We are trying our best to provide you ready mixed soil for easy gardening. We have organic garden soil. Adding organic matter to the soil, including manure, leaves and compost, can greatly improve its structure. Our organic garden soil is loose and fluffy. It retains moisture, but drains well.

Provide Suitable Soil for Your Needs:

Good soil is rich with nutrients so plants have an abundant food supply to support healthy development. Whether you are growing healthy soil is an absolute must. Suitable soils are required for plants to grow. Without suitable soil, plants will struggle and in some cases, die. PureMati.com offers the convenient service of delivering bulky loads of suitable soil and other materials to fill your raised beds, containers, and other growing areas. PureMati.com is an established soil supply company providing various types of soil for horticulture industry in different parts of Bangladesh.

On time delivery:

We are committed to deliver timely. We available 24/7 to meet your on-demand and scheduled delivery needs.

Giving Advice:

We are committed to advising you on different sector of soil such as soil measurement, process and decision making.

A reputable business with many years of experience, our reputation is built on friendly advice, great service and very competitive prices across our entire range of soil supplies. Our certified soil is perfect for lawns, seeding, turfing and many other applications where a super fine and fertile topsoil is required. At PureMati.com, our array of projects includes governmental, residential, industrial and commercial.

Price of Garden Soil

Our clay prices are determined based on different size packets. Packet sizes are also different. We usually sell soil by kg for pots used in home gardens, kitchen gardens or terrace garden ideas. We sell soil in minimum 50kg weight packet quantity.