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Many of us like gardening. The garden needs to be cared for in order to get a good yield.  Creating a garden takes a lot of work. Few tools are needed to make this beautiful gardening task easy. We bring you a large selection of tools to get you the essential tools used in the garden.

Some of our tools are discussed below:

General Soil:

Healthy soil is essential for proper plant growth. Soils are generally of different types such as loam, clay, sandy soil and silty soil. We provide general soil all over the country throughout the year.

General soil

Mix Soil:

Mix soil is completely prepared soil for planting trees in the garden. Prepared soil allows slow release of soil nutrients needed by plants and helps regulate soil temperature. This soil is systematically prepared by skilled hands as per our expert advice.

Mix soil

Plant Pots:

Plant pots can usually be made of clay, plastic, ceramic or metal. The most important tool in rooftop gardening is the plant pot. Different sizes of pots are used for planting different types of plants.  Plant pots are needed to plant new plants or replace old ones. Small metal pots that can be hung or attached to the balcony grill are quite popular in the market now.

Plant Pots

Garden Gloves:

Gloves are an essential tool to keep hands clean while gardening. That’s why many people prefer to work with gloves for some garden work. Garden gloves protect your hands from cuts, rashes, and blisters from various weeds during regular gardening tasks.

Garden Gloves

Garden Scissors:

Garden scissors have many uses. If there are plants, it is necessary to prune the branches. Scissors can be used to harvest crops. In many cases, if fresh flowers are cut from the tree, the leaves along with the tree can be torn, so the flowers can be used for cutting.

Garden Scissors


Grubbers have been used in agriculture since ancient times. It is used in horticulture and agriculture to loosen the soil.



The garden soil is removed by shoveling, the soil is filled. Shovel is used for sowing seeds. Shovels come in different sizes. Choose from us medium or small sized roof garden shovels.


Garden trowel:

A garden trowel is a small tool that is easily portable and used for digging, applying, smoothing, or removing small amounts of particulate material. A garden trowel is used to dig up the soil in the tub, to transfer the seedlings from the soil.

Garden trowel

Garden Fork:

A widely used tool in the garden is the garden fork. Weeds act as plant growth inhibitors. Garden forks are very effective in suppressing these weeds. A garden fork is used for cutting the soil and suppressing its weeds.

Garden Fork

Plant Sprayer:

Regular insecticide spraying is necessary to keep the plant free from various diseases. Different types of sprayers are available in the market. But good quality sprayer should be used. We assure customers of good quality plant sprayers.

Plant Sprayer

Hose Pipe:

Hose pipes are used for watering plants in large gardens or house roofs. The amount of water can be increased or decreased very easily with the help of hose pipe. We have a huge selection of hose pipes. Get hose pipes for your rooftop garden from us today.

Hose Pipe