Man Power Supply

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is a densely populated, busy, crowded city. Dhaka has been suffering from air pollution for a long time. That is why Dhaka is becoming unlivable; this is the reality for this city now. Due to the decrease in greenery, some people want to decorate this brick-concrete city with greenery again. At present, rooftop gardening has become very popular in various cities of the country including the capital. But due to lack of proper planning the beauty of roof garden is getting lost. So a specific plan is needed to create a roof garden. Keeping in mind the busy people of the busy city, is supplying the man power to design a rooftop garden.

Are you looking man power to create a beautiful garden? has been supplying people to create commercial gardens for many years. Thinking about the busyness of every person in the busy city, we are bringing this service to you. You don’t have to be busy to have a rooftop garden; we will go to you to provide the service. We take any customer order seriously and service it as quickly as possible.