1. What services do you provide?

PureMati Company’s core business is to supply soil as per customer requirement and sell various tools for gardening.

  1. What type of soil do you supply?

We supply loam, sand and red soil as per customer requirements.

  1. How is your soil quality?

Our soil is the best in nutrients. We provide customers with the best soil in terms of nutrients for gardening.

4. What is the minimum quantity of soil you supply?

PureMati supplies a minimum of 50 kg soil per customer.

5. How to determine the price of soil?

PureMati determines the price of garden soil in consultation with the customer.

  1. In which sector do you supply soil?

The locations we supply soil to are as follows:

  1. We supply soil to the horticultural industry.
  2. We provide soil for roof gardens.
  3. We provide soil to fill the empty space.
  4. We provide soil for industrial areas.
  5. We provide soil for road filling.
  6. We provide soil at any government work site.


  1. How to determine the price of soil for filling the empty space in the industrial area?

We charge per truck to fill vacant lots in industrial areas.

8. Do you supply man power?

Yes, we provide manpower as per customer’s requirement.

  1. Do you have tools for gardening?

Yes, we have a wide range of gardening tools.

  1. How do we order soil?

You can order soil by phone call.