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We're deliver soil across the country. A soil supplier is a company or individual that sells and delivers soil for gardening, landscaping, or agricultural purposes. The soil may be pre-packaged or sold in bulk and can range in type, such as topsoil, compost, mulch, or specialty soils for specific plants or uses. The soil supplier will often source the soil from local quarries, mines, or other suppliers.

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We offer a variety of soil types for different purposes such as gardening, farming, landscaping, industry and construction.

Types Of Soil

Rooftop gardening

Rooftop gardening refers to the practice of cultivating plants, vegetables, and herbs on the roofs of buildings. It is an urban gardening method that utilizes flat or sloping roof spaces for growing food, flowers, and other plants.


Nursery gardening refers to the business of growing and selling plants, shrubs, and trees. Nursery gardens are typically large-scale operations that produce plants for commercial use, such as landscaping, reforestation, and restoration projects. They may specialize in growing specific types of plants, such as succulents, roses, or fruit trees.


The composition of industrial soil is typically formulated to optimize plant growth and can include a mixture of ingredients such as peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, compost, and other organic matter. Industrial soil is typically sold in bulk and is used in greenhouses, nurseries, and other commercial growing operations.

Housing soil

Housing soil refers to the soil used in construction to fill in the spaces between a building's foundation and the surrounding ground. This type of soil is also known as backfill soil.

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Common types of housing soil include granular soils, clay soils, and a mixture of sand and gravel. The soil must also be free of debris, rocks, and roots that could interfere with the building's foundation or cause damage to pipes and other underground utilities.

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We're deliver pure soil across the Bangladesh. Soil Solid consists of soil mineral matter and soil organic matter. The composition of soil varies from place to place so do its mineral.

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Rooftop: Rooftop gardening can offer many benefits, such as increased access to fresh produce, improved air quality, and reduced heat island effect in cities. However, it also presents some challenges, such as the weight of soil and plants on the roof structure, the need for proper drainage and irrigation, and the need for access to sunlight.

Housing soil: Housing soil plays an important role in the stability of a building and must be compacted properly to prevent settling, cracking, and other structural problems. The type of soil used for backfill can vary depending on the local soil conditions and the type of construction being performed.

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